Occupational therapy & Physical Therapy services

patient feedback

  • Judy Culbertson and Joni Miller gave me the best treatments, education, and encouragement to not just get through this initial phase of treating my Lymphedema, but to own it and manage it for the rest of my life.  I successfully completed my MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) in 8 weeks and started the transition to being fitted for daytime and nighttime garments.  I was treated with the highest quality of service, the most straightforward information, and the tools for me to graduate and take on the self management of my condition. tdc 2012
  • “Thank you Judy for ALL of the help that you have given me.  What a relief to see my “old” legs back.  Judy’s emotional and mental help has given me the ability and strength to take care of my physical condition!  Her patience is remarkable.  Judy, may you continue to assist others for a very long time.” sg 2012
  • Thanks Sarah and Vicki for my amazing leg results, you are true professionals WF 2013

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